There are children in cages in what qualify as literal concentration camps. Some will never see their parents again. POC in the South have been supporting Biden because they remember Jim Crow and are terrified where this is going if Trump gets another four years. Thousands of people are unnecessarily dying, right now, because of Trump’s inaction towards coronavirus. Experts in authoritarianism and democracy have warned that this is very possibly our last free election. Trump is following the step by step playbook for eroding democracy and turning it into a dictatorship. I understand what you’re saying. And I’m not saying Biden hasn’t been a creep. But this isn’t about political parties. It’s about stopping something that’s going to put every single one of us in danger. No Democratic candidate would be doing the things that Trump is doing. Not at this level. I voted Bernie in the primary but even if he won, he’d have to fight tooth and nail with Congress to fulfill his campaign promises in even a severely compromised form. Also, Biden and Bernie have a lot of respect for each other in private, which technically makes Bernie guilty by association. It also makes Obama guilty. Point is, nobody here is going to pass a purity test no matter how seemingly righteous they are. I’m not trying to guilt you … I’m begging you to vote Democrat. Being choosey right now is a luxury we can’t afford because, soon, choice will be rendered a thing of the past.

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